Our Mission

Twins street soccer is a soccer sport league that helps men and women who have experienced or are experiencing homelessness, struggle with addiction and/or social problems to be a successful on and off the field.

We want to build hope in faith and connect people with the world community, with the guidance of the coaches and staff.  Our goal is to teach life skills and provide a safe learning environment for the community to unite.

We believe that giving the outlets within underprivileged communities is vital for the positive development of our urban communities. We strive to provide winners off the field through providing job skills, and social services.

Street Soccer Twin Cities looks to build a better urban community by informing people about opportunities to better their lives and provide help attaining jobs or education.

Our goals are to teach life skills and develop communities on the global scale to unite the world.  Our program seeks to help those men and women who have experienced or experiencing homelessness, struggles with addiction and/or social problems to be successful person in life and sport.

Our mission is to make a positive change in the lives of struggling individuals and give an opportunities participating in global community events of sport and of development to the underprivileged urban communities.  We strive to encourage hope, faith and a positive work ethic and work to instill winners and good people in all graduates of the program.

“Twins Street soccer isn’t just a focused sport for a game; it is also a way to reunite to use our positive skills in the game of life.”